Rachel M. Dailey


Hi Everyone!

My name is Rachel Dailey and I am the founder and primary provider of Lotus Elite Care. I am a mother of two amazing children and have an intense passion for healthcare. After graduating with my doctorate in nursing degree from the University of Florida, I began my career as a nurse practitioner with a dream to one day be able to provide care that is not only professional, but personal and accessible to all.  Over the last eight years, working primarily emergency medicine I have gleaned an abundance of knowledge and experience while my eyes were opened to a tremendous gap in access to primary care.  So many patients come to the ER feeling they have no other option.  There they wait while true emergencies take priority to finally be seen briefly; leaving with a tremendous bill and instructions to follow up with their primary care provider. Far too often these patients leave with no one to follow up with or weeks until they can get an appointment.  This is where my dream becomes your reality. With Lotus Elite Care, my main goal is to provide access when you need it with prompt follow up and intervention that reduce unnecessary ER visits; saving you both time and money. I work directly with you; personalizing care to meet your health needs.  I want you to enjoy the benefit of preventative care and care when you need it. I look forward to being partners in your healthcare journey.

~Rachel Dailey