Direct Patient Care means there is you and the provider involved in your care. There is no insurance dictating care and services that are provided by our service. Services are determined as necessary by the provider and you the patient. They are delivered directly in the privacy of your own home.

At Lotus Elite Care we do not accept insurance.

Yes, you can. You would have to sign up for a membership plan which gives you access to primary care and several other services. We can provide you with a superbill following service that you can submit to your insurance, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed by your insurance carrier.

We do accept HSA for payment and can also provide a superbill if you need for submission. It is, however, your responsibility to know if your HSA allows for services provided by out of network providers.

There are a two ways to schedule an appointment.  If you have already signed up for membership,  go to the website and click the link to the patient portal. This will allow you to access the schedule and you can book a time that is available. You can also call us at (386)222-2944 to book an appointment time that works for you.

Yes! There will be times that home visits may not be available, but members will have access to a care provider at all times. We do ask that if you do call and have to leave a message, you give us 2 hours to respond as we may be with other patients during that time. You can also go online and schedule an appointment through the patient portal link.

If it is an obvious emergency, call 911 right away. If it is not an obvious emergency, simply call us and we will assist in any way that we are able to. Please note that between the hours of 10pm and 7am there is an additional after hours charge that will be included in your visit. This applies to all plans.

When you sign up, you will provide a form of payment that will be kept on file and charged monthly for your membership fee. That same method of payment can be used for service visits if your plan isn’t all inclusive.

Yes. All members will sign an annual contract along with appropriate consent forms required to receive care. 

If you decide to cancel your membership, we ask for 30 days notice and you will no longer be charged after that 30 days is up.  You will however continue access to services through the 30 days, which allows you time to find another provider or service that better fits your needs.